Thursday, July 11, 2013

Update on Justification Quest

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Hey guys!

I just want to give you a heads up with my quest :). The summer has been pretty hectic but I have still managed to spend a decent amount of time reading up on Luther. I had the pleasure of reading portions of his Commentary on Galatians which was quite enjoyable. I should have a post up soon on Luther's justification. I then will hit Calvin for a bit, some Post-Reformation justification, and briefly hit modern stuff. My final paper will wrap everything up. Stay tuned!

Great Free Grace intro article

One of my classes this summer is on understanding Free Grace Theology. It is such a bizarre system and I realized after talking with a proponent I would need to devote some study to it. What has been really hard to find though is a solid article that articulates the whole system clearly. I think I have finally found that here -

It is an article called "The Terms of Salvation" by Lewis Chafer, who is well-known for being an early dispensationalist and the father of free grace theology. If you are looking to get some understanding, take a look!

Also, I did just realize I have written on this topic a few years ago when I first got a glimpse of this important debate. Someone just found the post and commented. I think it's worth a read.