Saturday, April 27, 2013

Augustine and Justification

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OK, I am warning you now, this paper isn't exactly the most refined or organized. I still have much to learn about Augustine and don't exactly have his views ironed out in my head. The paper reflects this a bit :).

Justification in Augustine of Hippo

                Augustine of Hippo is considered the most influential theologian apart from Paul. In the twelfth century, Anslem of Canterbury gave a great glimpse of the effects of the genius of Augustine when he equated orthodoxy with the writings of Augustine.[1] With Augustine’s emphasis on God’s grace and love being the supreme motivator for all things, it’s not hard to see why so many fell in love with him. I too, especially when reading Augustine’s writings on God’s grace, could not help but feel the love of God being “shed in my heart through the Holy Spirit.”[2] Though much has been made of Augustine’s views on the grace of God, his doctrine of justification is not as well-known and has proved to be more elusive. Before we look at Augustine’s teachings on justification however, let us first examine his contemporary, Jerome, so that we can understand Augustine’s context and better appreciate the significance of his teachings.