Friday, March 15, 2013

Justification: A month in

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I have written my paper on Origen's view but need to edit it a bit. It should be posted shortly.

I have been looking into justification for about a month now. It has been an interesting experience. I first looked into the classic evangelical position, which I vaguely remember. Then, the last three weeks I have dove into Origen’s view, which was quite fascinating. Though many Protestants do try and make him a proponent of Sola Fide, from my reading it does not appear to be so. Origen seemed to teach, supposedly along with the rest of the early church, that the remission of sins given at conversion forgives only the past sins. What was cool though, was that though Origen also highly emphasized works, he also insisted on the fact that one is justified by faith alone. However, justification for Origen does not happen in a moment, but is an ongoing process that sounds a lot like what we might today term as sanctification. One thing is for certain, the lines between justification and sanctification are much more blurred than they are today. 

It was tough to try and digest everything that Origen had to say on the matter, because he was writing a commentary on Romans, not a systematic theology. In fact, just now are things becoming a little bit clearer in my mind. I am trying to hit so many things with this class, and am learning it will be quite an overload.

I am also learning that I will have to do a lot of the work myself, because I don’t trust the Protestants analysis and am also cautious and the Catholics. So, while I will use their analysis to see what they say, I cannot rely on them as giving an authoritative answer, because it seems they are more intent on proving their own theology than what did Origen truly say. I am sure that will come up when I look at Augustine and Aquinas as well.

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