Saturday, August 11, 2012

Bibleworks Review: Preface

Greetings everyone!

In a work only possible through our good Father, Bibleworks has graciously allowed me to review their newest software, Bibleworks 9. Because of the diversity of features for Bibleworks 9, I plan on writing multiple posts so that I can cover more aspects of this well-respected software. Before I launch though, I should probably give you a little bit of background of who I am. My name is Tim Wellings and I am 22 years old and currently a Biblical Languages/Ancient Christian Studies undergraduate student at Moody Bible Institute, Spokane campus. I have a year of Greek under my belt and plan on pursuing four more years studying original languages (I just can’t get enough!). I am also very interested in the early church and textual criticism (topics which Bibleworks also happen to excel in). My future plans these days include Bible translation for a group like Wycliffe or teaching theological education on the mission field somewhere. However, God has painstakingly taught me to never hold on to plans too firmly.

The reason I was first interested in Bibleworks was because Bibleworks seemed to be geared specifically for people like me, those primarily interested in in-depth work in original languages. I was just about to buy Bibleworks when I noticed a link for “Want to write a review for your website or blog?” With my position as a writer for Moody’s scholarly journal, it seemed like the perfect opportunity. Bibleworks seemed to think so too, and now here we are (Praise God!). Along with doing these posts, I will be writing a more brief review in print that will appear in Moody’s journal SOMA.
 I will admit, I only have experience with the free Bible software like E-Sword and TheWord. But I have poked around with Logos and done much research into their packages (and will probably end up buying one). Which means, this review won't be much of a comparison but just an overview of the features of Bibleworks.

So that’s the background of it all. My next post will be a quick introduction to Bibleworks and an explanation of some of their goals.

Love and peace,

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