Saturday, August 11, 2012

BibleWorks: Introduction - Distinctions

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 BibleWorks describes itself as “the premier original languages Bible software program for Biblical exegesis and research” [1]. As you can tell, that is quite specific when compared to most of the bible programs on the market today. The majority of Bible software exists for all types of research and most focus on the commentaries, books, and maps. Bibleworks, on the other hand, is focused exclusively on exegeting the original text and providing the raw tools to help like lexicons, Greek/Hebrew grammars, and textual notes. This means that BibleWorks doesn’t compete with software like Logos, rather they are counterparts to one another.  

In fact, BibleWorks has options to link with Logos built in, so that if one wanted to dive deeper into the theology of say Luke 18:19 where Jesus says no one is good except God alone, he could have Bibleworks open Logos up to a commentary on Luke 18:19. All this to say, many people buy both BibleWorks and another resource-rich bible software for a complete Bible study experience. I personally am using Bibleworks whenever I study in the original languages and TheWord when I want to research a specific topic in theology or others opinions on a particular verse.

I do want to elaborate on why BibleWorks doesn’t offer many resources like Logos and Accordance[2]. Their reason is twofold – to keep the software affordable and because of their philosophy of electronic resources – they are against them! Ironic huh? Well it’s also slightly exaggerated (but only slightly) and will be the topic of my next post. Until then:

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[2] Though they did just make an agreement with WORDsearch so that a selection of WORDsearch modules are now available for BibleWorks

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