Friday, August 24, 2012

BibleWorks Review: Searching

What sets BibleWorks apart from all other Bible software is their search engine. Because BibleWorks never intended to be a theological library, they seemed to have been freed up to put everything into their search engine. It is quick enough to instantly search all the greek lexicons, church fathers, grammars, critical apparatus', and manuscript images (!) as you simply mouse over each verse. It doesn’t bog down the system, but effortlessly displays the information like so:

Notice the two panes to the right? Those are the ones that instantly update every time I move the cursor over the next verse. Every resource is tagged by verse as well, so if you download some additional church fathers or perhaps Grudem's Systematic Theology, those also will be included in the right panes to be instantly searched every time you place your cursor over a verse.

Wednesday, August 15, 2012

BibleWorks Review: How-to Videos

I was so excited when BibleWorks shipped out their software. I checked the tracking page every day, wanting to see where BibleWorks was on the route. When I received it, I immediately loaded it onto my computer. After it was loaded, I eagerly ran the program, expecting dazzling colors and bright lights. What I saw brought me down a bit from my high. Let me warn you, BibleWorks will not win any awards for aesthetics (see the screenshot at the end of the post). So don’t expect it.

I next started doing what I usually do when I get new software; I just start clicking things, trying to figure it out myself. With BibleWorks, this isn’t such a great idea. I wasn’t finding things easily and quickly became bored and exited the program. I didn’t really come back to it until a month or so later, and that was only because I needed to write the review.