Monday, May 14, 2012

Christianity and Liberalism by Machen Review

Christianity and Liberalism by Machen

Christianity and Liberalism was written in 1923 by John Gresham Machen who was a Professor of New Testament at Princeton Seminary at the time. Machen is considered the last of the great Princetonian theologians before the very thing Machen wrote against, liberalism, took over the seminary. As one can surmise from the title of the book, Machen's chief subject is Liberalism, and how it affects Christianity. One could also surmise further from the title that Machen does not consider Liberals Christians, as Christianity is shown as one category, and Liberalism another. As Machen himself states when describing the book, “Liberalism on the one hand and the religion of the historic church on the other are not two varieties of the same religion, but two distinct religions proceeding from altogether separate roots” (Machen qtd. by Piper).