Saturday, September 3, 2011

My story

This was for my Missions class. Its basically my testimony and how I got to Washington:

I was riding home late at night on my motorcycle and life was good. It was a hot Texas summer in '08 and having just graduated high school I was ecstatic to be free! Suddenly, three deer bolted across the road. I was going about forty five miles an hour and I slammed on the brakes and veered off into the grassy side ditch. I was still in motion and going about thirty in the ditch. I narrowly missed a street sign as I angled back to the road. I remember thinking what a close call that was when a huge hole appeared in front of me.

I automatically pulled up on the handlebars and was airborne. I landed on the other side at about a forty-five degree angle and fell over the handlebars landing on my head. I woke up on the ground with no recollection of what had happened. I somehow called my mom and told her something bad had happened, though I didn't know what. It slowly came back to me the more I talked to her. As I was staggering around the road, a car drove by and stopped to call 911. The first hospital I was brought to told me I had a broken bone in my neck. The next one told me I was fine and that I could go home that day. I was told by the doctors, nurses, and even the mechanics who looked at the bike that I shouldn't be alive; that someone wanted me alive. The craziest part was that I never wore a helmet. That day, my aunt saw me without the helmet on and called my mom, who in turn called me and scolded me for not wearing one. I put it on, and that night got in the accident. Without the helmet, I would have been much more messed up, perhaps even dead.

The rest of the summer I didn't really think about what happened. I was in a constant haze of pain-killers and pot. That fall, I headed out to Honolulu for college. With the change of scenery I was able to more clearly think about what happened to me. I started asking why am I still here. Which progressed to what would have happened to me had I of died, and what would people of remembered me for. I realized that I hadn't done anything with my life and that I was just following, not wanting to think to hard about where I was headed. I also realized that I didn't know what I believed. So, to start out looking for an answer, I took a world religion class at UH.

There, I was introduced to the major answers to the questions I was seeking. I became interested in hinduism and buddhism. More specifically, I liked the ideas of meditation and the quest for enlightenment. I was also attracted to Shiva of the Hindus. I liked the idea that there were different gods who did different things. At the same time, I was reading the Bible, so that I could compare and not leave anything out. Towards the end of the semester, I started reading Revelation. Wow. That book literally scared the hell out of me. I got to see the wrathful and just side of God. This God was different then the one I thought I knew. This God did not mess around. As I read more, the words that I knew in my childhood started coming alive to me. I started understanding what the gospel meant, how radically different it was from the way of the world.

I soon came to a realization. I called my mom at two in the morning or something on top of the freshman tower and told her, “Mom, I am having a revelation while reading revelation!” Once God revealed that the bible had the truth, that Jesus was the Way to Him, I realized that in order to look more into it, I had to leave Hawaii and leave college. I had to focus entirely on this new idea that Jesus was God and that the bible was His truth. So I packed up and headed out after that first semester, without a clue as to what was going to happen next.

God has led me to many places since leaving Hawaii. I came back home for a few months and devoted my time to reading the Word and seeking truth. I was still doing drugs and committing sexual immorality and I was also trying to meld the major religions into one. An opportunity came up to live with my grandparents in the Bay Area of California, so I headed out there. My intent was to establish residency there so that I could go back to Hawaii under a regional scholarship. I did a lot of research about judaism to make sure that Christ was who the prophets prophesied. I didn't attend church because I felt like it was full of hypocrites and that God wasn't there. God did bless me with an awesome, faithful aunt who guided me a bit. I ended up leaving after three months because my family was going through a divorce.

So I came back to Texas for four months where He convicted me to give up both drugs and sex. He also brought me my best friend Tessa, who was just starting her walk with God. She has been an huge encouragement to my walk and really taught me a lot about faith. An opportunity then came to work as a lift operator at a ski resort in Montana. God grew me tremendously out there. I became involved with a great bible church where I learned how important it is to have that body of believers for a base. God also used me to talk to my co-workers and gave me some great experiences with them. After the ski season, I headed back home to Texas for the summer and applied to my first bible college – Pacific Rim Christian College, which was located back in Honolulu, HI. I was accepted and soon had quite a semester of growth, not all being in the classroom. It was at bible college where I fell in love with my best friend (we had been best friends for awhile in Texas and she also came to bible college in Hawaii), so we decided to head home to Texas to get married. After that, I applied and was accepted to Moody Bible Institute in Spokane, which I now attend.

God has grown me exponentially since that initial step back at University of Hawaii. I had started a journey to find truth and the meaning of life. I was not expecting to find the answers so quickly. But now, I am realizing there is a whole nother journey I wasn't aware of, that of sticking to and proclaiming the truth in a world of lies. I am not sure my ministry or career at the moment. Because I love bible college so much I am considering being a bible college professor. But one thing I am sure of, I love to learn about God. So though I have stressed out about it quite a bit, God has my future and is calling me to Moody for at least this next semester. As long as I stay near to Him, all will be well and I will have no need to worry. Glory be to the Father and to the Son!

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