Thursday, September 15, 2011

Brief history of the New Testament Canon

This was a book report for my New Testament Canon class. I used this book called "A General Survey of the History of the New Testament Canon" reprinted as "the Canon of the New Testament" by Brooke Westcott. You can download his book for free from Google books. Its a good introduction to the Canonization process throughout the history of the church. Enjoy:

I selected “The Canon of the New Testament” by Brooke F. Westcott. This was a good in depth background of the formation of the Canon through the years of the church. Westcott gave the early church the most pages, which is quite important with the understanding that the Canon at that time was quite flexible. Westcott's aim for his book was to present the canonization process through church history (Wescott vii). He showed that the individual books of the New Testament were not considered separately but claimed to be part of the Apostolic tradition of Christianity.

Saturday, September 3, 2011

My story

This was for my Missions class. Its basically my testimony and how I got to Washington:

I was riding home late at night on my motorcycle and life was good. It was a hot Texas summer in '08 and having just graduated high school I was ecstatic to be free! Suddenly, three deer bolted across the road. I was going about forty five miles an hour and I slammed on the brakes and veered off into the grassy side ditch. I was still in motion and going about thirty in the ditch. I narrowly missed a street sign as I angled back to the road. I remember thinking what a close call that was when a huge hole appeared in front of me.