Friday, July 8, 2011

Restlessness in Victory

Sometimes I feel like I am not doing enough. Like I am just here, biding my time until the end. I feel like nothing much has changed, like I haven't really accomplished anything. How can it be that I am destined for paradise? But then, God causes me to remember. To remember how I was – part of the world, and obeying the prince of the air. Living only for pleasure and myself. That is what God has called me out of.

I have become so used to this life that I feel like it always has been this way. I now have a power to control my self – mind and body. I no longer (most of the time) follow the flesh. I now have a reason to stop. I am seeking a better place, a place that this world can not even come close to offering. I started out seeking the answers to the big questions – why are we here, what is the point to life, is this all there is? -- thinking it would take my whole life to find. But God revealed His truth unexpectedly quick, and now I take it for granted. I, right now, have the answer to life, the knowledge that we all seek (whether we are aware of it or not), found in Jesus the Christ alone.

And I allow myself to grow bored!? What is wrong with me! I must grow in patience, remembering that God is in control of all things, and will use me as He see fits. For now, I must be content in knowing Him, and having eternal life. For nothing is better then simply knowing the Father. God will continue to guide me through the different seasons of my life He has appointed. I must remember the past, and see how far God has brought me, and how much He has changed me, and give Him glory for it. I should be content with that alone, yet I complain and am restless. Patience, O soul within me, patience. We must trust in God's plan, and not veer from it, even if we cannot see to the next step.


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