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Laziness of the church and responses

The Question:

The disciples often had difficulty understanding Jesus because they already had an idea of who the “messiah” should be. Does this happen within the church today? What “political, social, or religious agendas from our culture have shaped how we understand Jesus’ kingdom?” (Burge p. 194, question 5).

My answer:

Heck yeah it happens in the church today! We may have inherited protestantism, a movement that stood up to the corruption of the church at the time, but we are now no different.
We do not question the traditions that have been handed down to us. We don't look first to the Scripture to make sure a doctrine is legit. Nah, thats too hard. Much easier to just let the leadership decide what I am to believe. And whats worse, most of the leadership is the same way. Never questioning or looking elsewhere for opinions. Just accept what we have been taught and teach it to others. OF course, there are always exceptions, but the church as a whole is looking pretty fat and lazy these days. If Jesus was to return and perhaps question any of our doctrines, we would throw Him out, no question about it.

Responses from fellow classmates:

I agree with you on pretty much everything you said. The church has gone from Gospel centered to "seeker friendly" centered, and it does not seem evident that many church goers actually wrestle with God about doctrine that may not seem popular but may be biblical

I agree that we are now less interested in scripture. Many people are caught up in the social aspect of church. They go to network, make friends and to have the appearance of being Godly. While other go because the love the Lord Jesus Christ but get caught up in the dynamic, thundering charismatic preaching styles leaving feeling good for the moment and blindly believing everything the preacher says instead of “Thus said the Lord”.

I agree with you that tradition is definitely something people in the church use as a crutch that makes them not have to do much 'work' on figuring out what is right and what they should believe instead of just going with the flow. I grew up in a traditional Southern Baptist church and it has been interesting to see how the leadership, and age groups, work together to either change or keep traditional things.

I absolutely love the title of this post. Your last sentence struck home. We worry to much about questioning things rather than just accepting and realizing who Christ is

Typing this... Take two

It sounds like you have some run-ins with this. You have made some pretty large generalizations. "the lazy church"....

I believe that you are talking about the passion for solid doctrinal teaching. And the responsibility of the believer to study the Word to be able to tell when they are being led astray... AKA Maturity

There is a trend of watering the Word and I have heard this more than once. The church has become a entertainment factor, not a worshipful people. If ears aren't being tickled then people tend to tune things out.

I believe it takes solid leadership to start reversing the tend. Solid leadership, leads to maturing Christian who then can turn around and lead others.

The million dollar question is where do we fit in and how can we be sure not to follow this trend. But lead people to the truth, because the truth will set them free....

God Bless,

I like your point about the “laziness” that exists both ways in the church today. Obviously this does not apply to everyone, but I do find myself failing in area. I admit sometimes I am spiritually lazy and do not take the time to check and see if some idea or tradition has scriptural merit. It is imperative that we check with scripture first.

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