Sunday, December 12, 2010

My Letter to Good Shepherd Church of Honolulu

Mothers, brothers, and sisters of Good Shepherd-                

Not too long ago, I wouldn't come near the church. I felt like it was full of hypocrites. People who came for an hour on sunday, and blended right back into the world monday through saturday. They didn't even really want to be there for that one hour. I felt like the whole thing was just a charade. So I kept my faith under wraps. I didn't want anyone including me in that group. But over the last two years, God has really grown me. He has shown me that though there may be a ton of lukewarm people, He still has His remnant of people who truly feared Him. This remnant did not believe themselves to be above those that were lukewarm and understood that the only way to help was to be there with them, showing them what God can really do if we would only let Him. I realized that I could do nothing if I just sat on the outside complaining and pointing fingers. So, I started attending Church.