Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Some Plain Words on Christian Living

So I am in Wisconsin these days living with my grandparents. I have a lot more time thus far to be able to read, think, and write and to just plain relax. I just finished reading this awesome book Plain Words on Christian Living by Charles John Vaughan and would like to share a selection from page 159. It is on the subject of being spiritually blind and deaf:
                 "It is, instrumentally, the result of that pressure of the world upon us, of which we spoke at the beginning [previously in the book I believe]. It is because we are in the midst of distracting sights and jarring sounds; because the voices of the earth are loud and imperious [overbearing], and the voices of heaven and eternity refined and distant. But this is but half, not half, of the reason. Beings made in God's likeness were not originally thus deaf to God's voice or blind to God's working. It is sin which has wrought the change. It is because we do not wish to part with the false idea of earth and earthly things, which alone enables us either to do or bear evil.
If our eyes were opened to the horses and chariots of fire [2 Kings 6: 14-17], we should have to change our life; we should have to live as if heaven were real, as if God were present, as if we were here but strangers and pilgrims seeking a better country, that is, an heavenly. And this we are not ready for. We must have the pleasures of sin for a season: when they are exhausted, we will turn to something better. But when are they exhausted? When does that fancied stop come, at which we can turn the page and begin afresh?"

Some powerful words from Mr. Vaughan. The entire book is powerful and gives a no nonsense approach to living as a follower of Yeshua [Jesus]. I would recommend it to anyone seeking to grow as a Christian. It is from the nineteenth century, but the wisdom of God from that time til now has not changed.

After I finished the book, I researched Charles Vaughan to see what kind of life he led. I found some very interesting results. Charles seems to have been involved in a scandal at Harrow School in England while he was the headmaster. In fact, the charge is homosexual (It is an all-boys school) advances, maybe even a relationship, with a student. That was disheartening to discover. When I read his book, I could feel the Spirit coming through the words. If this charge is true, however, it will not take away the wisdom in his words. The man may have fallen pray to the world and its corruption once again, but what he says while in the Spirit is not negated by his massive mess up. It is the classic do what I say, not what I do. Yeshua even tells us about these people in Matthew 23 (a great chapter on hypocrite religious leaders). Anyway, back to Charles. This entire scandal didn't even surface until the 1970's when a diary of a former Harrow pupil was discovered. So the entire charge is brought on by this former student. This is as far as I have gotten in my research. I would like to continue if God wills. I want to find more background on this former student and I want to do some more reading of the history of Charles seeing as I started on Wikipedia.

All glory and thanks be to The God of Israel and to His Son, The Lamb

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