Sunday, December 12, 2010

My Letter to Good Shepherd Church of Honolulu

Mothers, brothers, and sisters of Good Shepherd-                

Not too long ago, I wouldn't come near the church. I felt like it was full of hypocrites. People who came for an hour on sunday, and blended right back into the world monday through saturday. They didn't even really want to be there for that one hour. I felt like the whole thing was just a charade. So I kept my faith under wraps. I didn't want anyone including me in that group. But over the last two years, God has really grown me. He has shown me that though there may be a ton of lukewarm people, He still has His remnant of people who truly feared Him. This remnant did not believe themselves to be above those that were lukewarm and understood that the only way to help was to be there with them, showing them what God can really do if we would only let Him. I realized that I could do nothing if I just sat on the outside complaining and pointing fingers. So, I started attending Church.

Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Some Plain Words on Christian Living

So I am in Wisconsin these days living with my grandparents. I have a lot more time thus far to be able to read, think, and write and to just plain relax. I just finished reading this awesome book Plain Words on Christian Living by Charles John Vaughan and would like to share a selection from page 159. It is on the subject of being spiritually blind and deaf:
                 "It is, instrumentally, the result of that pressure of the world upon us, of which we spoke at the beginning [previously in the book I believe]. It is because we are in the midst of distracting sights and jarring sounds; because the voices of the earth are loud and imperious [overbearing], and the voices of heaven and eternity refined and distant. But this is but half, not half, of the reason. Beings made in God's likeness were not originally thus deaf to God's voice or blind to God's working. It is sin which has wrought the change. It is because we do not wish to part with the false idea of earth and earthly things, which alone enables us either to do or bear evil.

Monday, April 5, 2010

My Letter to the Big Sky Church of Big Sky, MT

To my mothers, brothers, and sisters of Big Sky-

I praise our Father in heaven for all of you. Your support and encouragement throughout my time here in beautiful Big Sky has been such a gift to me in my walk with God. Just by your being here and worshipping the Creator has been such a help! After being immersed in the world, especially in lifty culture, it’s easy to feel less connected to the light, but when I am surrounded by Gods people, I feel completely refreshed and rejuvenated so that I can get back out there and continue in our Fathers will. There were definitely some weeks that were harder than others, but when I felt at the end of my rope, it was you who outstretched your hand to help me up by your faith and love for God. Going from the worship setting back to regular life is definitely disconcerting for me. As I reflect on it, I realize how important our work here in this life is.